Pancakes & Pandemonium

Culinary Competition Mysteries Book 6

"Pancakes & Pandemonium" is the sixth book in the Culinary Competition Mysteries series. In this one Amy is entering a pancake competition in town with all the proceeds going to a local shelter. But this fun foodie event turns deadly when a storm comes through town knocking out power and leaving dead bodies. But if that isn't bad enough, her Mom is a prime suspect in an old high school rivals death. It's time for Amy and Alex to save the day and pull together the town.

Janel Gradowski brings us another great small town mystery. After living in Michigan for several years I can imagine the town coming together to raise money for a local charity. The local syrup pancakes make the perfect combo as does Amy and Alex. Their teamwork is what is needed in this sixth book. "Pancakes & Pandemonium" is a perfect small town mystery with great characters. You will be so hungry and glad you picked up this book. If you are a lover of cozy mysteries, read this one. It's clean and 100% sweet. Overall, a great afternoon read.

Book Blurb for Pancakes & Pandemonium

Culinary whiz turned reluctant amateur sleuth Amy Ridley is excited to enter a cooking competition featuring her favorite breakfast treat—pancakes! But while she's up to her elbows in batter, she's hit with one unexpected twist after another. First her estranged mother shows up and then just as quickly vanishes again after barely saying hello. Then a vicious storm zeroes in on her small town of Kellerton, Michigan. There is damage everywhere, and one person is killed...but not by the storm.

Amy and her mother have had a strained relationship, but when Mom is tagged as the prime suspect in the murder of her former high school rival, Amy can't help but get involved. Yes, her mother can be annoying, but she's not a ruthless she? Aided by her charismatic husband, Amy sets out to find the truth. In a town without power and still recovering from the storm, she suddenly finds herself in a cat and mouse game where not everyone may make it out alive!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00