Night of the Tiger

Hades’ Carnival, Book 1

Night of the Tiger is part of the Hades circus series of books. In a deal with Hades, The Lady of the Beast has made a deal to save her warriors soul by letting them be imprisoned in there animal form until rescued by their true love. Aimee has been having dreams about a mysteries white tiger and the Lady of the Beast. When a trip to the circus goes wrong Aimee finds her way to a wooden carousal with animals. She sees the white tiger and climbs aboard. Little did Aimee know but she brought home Roric who has been trapped in his beast form. But what about the deal? They need to stay alive fighting the demons of hell until midnight when the curse is lifted. True love mates are never easy but they find themselves even through hell.

This is a great book. The other books in the series take place as the animals find there mates and battle hell. I recommend this book to any shifter or mythology fan out there. You will enjoy this book and the next books.

Book Blurb for Night of the Tiger

Five thousand years ago, in order to be saved from the horrors of Hell, shapeshifting warrior Roric was imprisoned in his animal form on a carousel. Only one woman’s touch can release him. After that, all he has to do is stay alive for twenty-hours, and his soul is safe from Hades for all eternity. But is the woman who sets him free a distraction sent by Hades?

When graphic novel illustrator Aimee Horner visits a traveling carnival, she’s drawn to an abandoned carousel and its carved white tiger. One touch of her skin against the massive beast, and Aimee’s world is changed forever.

The ancient curse is broken, and Hades and his demons are out for blood…and Roric’s and Aimee’s souls.

Each book in the Hades’ Carnival series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00