Nickolai's Noel

The Brothers of Beauford Bend

Nickolai's Noel is a perfect Christmas / winter romance book for fans of hockey and sports romance. We are delivered into Noel’s world at Christmas time. A chance meeting between a quilt shop owner and a hot hockey player becomes heated but can this romance survive the real world?

Noel is a sweet quilter that loves her shop and her family even though they drive her crazy. She is a very normal character, one that you can’t not like but sometimes she needs to toughen up. She may not be your typical girlfriend for a professional hockey player but she is what he needs.

Nickolai is a pro hockey player with all the craziness that goes with it. He has the crazy ex-girlfriend and the lifestyle. He meets Noel and he finds a home with her, something he has never had. Nickoai is a hot sweet guy with lots to learn about women and relationships. I loved how down to earth he was and worried about money. But sometimes he needs to wise up and take charge.

Nickolai and Noel have a world wind relationship but with all the added problems Noel starts to doubt him. After a hockey accident they both decide to communicate and work together to a happy ending.

This is a great winter romance with touching characters and a great background. As a quilter I loved Noel’s shop and quilts and this was an added bonus to me as a reader. Even though you might not be a quilter I think any romance fan you will enjoy this book. It has everything you need. It’s got great characters, a good background story and a happy ending.

Book Blurb for Nickolai's Noel

Born an orphan in Russia, Nashville Sound center Nickolai Glazov never knew the warmth of a big family. Luckily, at age six, his talent for hockey was discovered. Now, with a multitude of championship titles, a berth on the 2014 Russian Olympic team, and plenty of puck bunnies to warm his bed on cold nights, he's not wasting his energy crying over his lack of roots. Even if he wouldn't mind a special someone to come home to . . .

Artisan quilt maker Noel Verden, on the other hand, has so many roots they're threatening to strangle her. Her family depends on Noel for everything, from talking them through using the television remote to deciphering the telephone bill—all from 200 miles away. She loves them, but wishes they were more self-sufficient and would stop trying to force her to close her quilt shop in Beauford, Tennessee, to move back home to Kentucky. If only she had the strength and power to stand up to her family . . .

A chance meeting and a snowy ice storm bring this unlikely pair together on the most enchanting day of the year, and a special connection flares between them. But when the ice melts, will the magic disappear too?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00