Moonlight Temptation

Alessia Stone travels to an abandoned hotel where her grandmother's ledger has led her to. When she stops at the local tavern for directions she meets James Ryder. Something draws James to Alessia and the Palace Grand Hotel. Alessia is at the hotel to find a lost engagement ring and break a curse on the women of her family. Secrets are revealed about Alessia's and James' families and past wrongs are made right.

This is an interesting story and concept. Lost love is revisited, wrongs are made right, and two strangers find each other. We have a spooky hotel holding secrets and vamps trying to right wrongs. In all, an enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Moonlight Temptation

In search of a lost family heirloom, Alessia Stone travels to an abandoned hotel where her grandmother once lodged. Her goal: to reverse a curse set upon the women in her family. What she discovers is much more than she'd ever anticipated.

James Ryder is drawn to the beautiful woman who enters the roadhouse bar looking for directions to the deserted Palace Grand Hotel. His darker side thirsts for her essence while his soul yearns to protect and enjoy her virtue.

Unwittingly tossed together, the two must survive the dark storm in which the hotel entraps them, and brave the desires that pull them together. Will James come to realize true love really does exist? Will Alessia overcome her fear and acknowledge only she has the ability to break the curse? Or will love forever be a risk of death?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 3.00