Ice Claimed

Book five in the Werewolf Sentinels series.

Ice Claimed is the fifth book in the Werewolf Sentinels series. This book is about Durlach and Meadow. Meadow is Durlach’s human mate. Fate has been kind to Durlach because his new mate can be found next door. When Meadow comes home from an archeological dig Durlach meets her in his Dire Wolf form. He roams the area and spooks her horse. At that meeting Durlach recognizes his mate and most of the rest of the book is focused on mate and wolf. But there is an interesting sub plot going on in the background, I guess that’s for the next book.

I enjoyed Ice Claimed. I have read some of the earlier books in this series and suggest you start earlier in the series before reading this one. This can be read without the prior books, but I think you would enjoy it more if you knew some of the backgrounds of the characters. I also enjoyed that Meadow’s expertise was on the ice age. She got a kick out of Durlach being from that time period. Also it’s nice to see some old characters and be introduced to some new ones. I look forward to future books in the Werewolf Sentinels series.

Book Blurb for Ice Claimed

Finding his mate is something Durlach has longed for, but being in his wolf form at the time throws things off—including his mate, who just happened to be on the back of the horse Durlach spooked. Not a ladies’ man by any means, his challenge is coming up with a plausible way to meet her in his human form and sweep her off her feet.

Meadow is surprised by how tame the wolf is and realizes he must be a domesticated pet. And when his hunky master comes looking for him, she has sexy visions of taming him too. Little does she know the secrets he’s keeping.

As Durlach tries to ease his mate into his world, seducing her bit by bit, the dark wolves take steps to become more of a threat. Not only are werewolves in their line of sight, but so are the mortals who live amongst them.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00