Her Mighty Shifter

Posey has had a bad day. She was in a bridal party from hell, her car won’t start, she has a mouse in the house and being kidnapped by aliens completes the day. But this plus size beauty is up for it all with her sassy attitude and fighting spirit. She will get through all of that because she is a prize. She is being able to mate any alien shifter.

Maximus and his crew came to Earth to find mates, but something happens. There shifted forms changed on Earth. Instead of being a white Saber tooth tiger he becomes a white mouse. For a six foot plus alien that’s a big change and Posey hates mice. But she might be his mate if he can get her back to Ricafa and find out what’s going on. It’s all up to a moonbeam and a Mighty Mouse to save the day.

This short book is funny and hot. Posey is strong. She takes no lip and is a fighter. About anything comes out of her mouth and does. I loved some of the name she calls Maximus about being a mouse. Maximus just wants a mate and family. He is a great hero. He takes being a mouse with a grain of salt even though he gets gruff from Posey and his best friend. He is kind and strong and defends her when sometimes he doesn’t have to and wants her to accept his world. “Her Mighty Shifter” is a great book that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face. Thanks for the laughs.

Book Blurb for Her Mighty Shifter

Not only does Posy find out she’s mated to an alien shifter, she’s mated to the most terrifying creature on Earth. Not even in human form is the six foot six powerhouse as frightening. When Maximus whisks Posy away into the jungles of Africa to find his way home to Ricafa, she’s confronted with shifter hell. Everywhere she turns creatures of the day and night conspire to kidnap her. Posy has no idea her body is considered a prime vessel, receptive to any kind of being. Able to bear any kind of offspring. The only thing the buxom female has going for her—her right cross.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00