Her Alien Affair

Aegarian Saga, #2

Her Alien Affair is the second book in the Aegarian Saga. This book is about Toroth-Besh’s brother from the first book. A group of scientist, doctors and soldiers set out to explore Earth to see what had happen since the coloration of the planet. Toroth and Dar go to a medical center in Las Vegas to look for medicine when Toroth finds his true mate Corinne, a doctor at the hospital. Dar is upset because Toroth is promised to his sister back on their home world. Dar in a fit of jealousy shoots Toroth who falls off a cliff and later is found and brought to the hospital. Toroth has no memory of his life and a relationship starts between Corinne and Toroth. After many years has passed Toroth’s brother comes to Earth thinking him dead and Toroth is reunited with his past life. Many things have happened in the past years. Corinne and Toroth return to his planet and resolve the problems.

First off this is the second book, but it is a standalone book. I had not read the first book but found this book to be great. I enjoy space operas. The characters in Her Alien Affair were very believable with just the right touch of alien features. Conflict among families is seen in everyday life and this gave the story a nice touch. Toroth‘s amnesia was a new spin on Earth-alien relationships but it was a unique spin. Corinne and Toroth were well suited to each other. I look forward to follow up books from this author. I recommend this to my fellow space opera fans and anyone wanting to read a hot story about great characters.

Book Blurb for Her Alien Affair

Taroth comes to Earth on a scouting mission, only to have his best friend leave him at the bottom of a ravine, an accident turned crime of opportunity. He’s left behind, on an unknown world, his body broken.

Dr. Corrine Phillips is shocked when the man shows up beaten and bruised, having been left for dead. She’d bumped into the stranger days before and she’d felt an immediate connection to him. She nurses him back to health and helps him search for his past, but only one thing seems to be on his mind—nights with her in his arms.

John Doe knows there’s a story behind his fall; he just wishes he could remember the life he’d led before he awoke from his coma. John knows Corrine’s tied to him in some way. He just wishes he’d remember his past so he can forge a future with her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00