Hedging His Bets

Hedging His Bets is a short funny book from two great writers in erotic paranormal. This book centers around Honey a human and Blake our shifter. Blake in human form is every women’s dream. He is a hot man and alpha cool. But the fates have a wicked since of humor. In were form Blake is a hedgehog. Not that that’s wrong, but in most books we see lions and tigers and bears-Oh My! But all is not lost. Blake’s mate is a hedgehog owner. The course of true love is rocky, but our mates find love in the end.

Hedging His Bets is funny, hot and sweet. The book is a short read and would be perfect for anyone looking for a little something different in the shifter market. It’s always nice to have a little laughter amongst the hot sex to keep the pacing going and this book solves this perfectly. For a great short read pick up Hedging His Bets.

Book Blurb for Hedging His Bets

Honey loves running her bar and grill, catering to humans and shifters alike. But there are two things that dim her love of the place: cocky assholes who think they own the world, and cocky assholes who think they can flex their muscles and wreck her bar when throwing a temper tantrum. Unfortunately, the drop-dead gorgeous, hotter than hot, shifter man she secretly loves is both.

Blake wants the curvaceous, gorgeous Honey in his bed. Now. He’s lusted (but not loved, let’s get that straight) after the luscious woman for months. True, he looks like a bad-boy biker mixed with a player and, yeah, he’s broken a few things in her bar… But only because the guys were hitting on his girl. With no hope of winning her over in sight, he does what any red-blooded werehedgehog would do in his position. He lies.

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Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00