The Gifted #1

Alexandra Grayson is an emphatic healer who works asn an EMT. She has to hide her paranormal gift. She meets Tyler Kincaid, a local cop. Nothing can come of their romance. He’s not gifted and their romance can go nowhere. But Alexandra is put into a tight spot when she uses her gift on an injured child. Homeland Security comes a calling and Tyler helps her escape to her family. The two are in love, but she’s running from authorities.

Sarah and Shannen Brady are new to me authors. I was pleasantly surprised by their writing and I enjoyed this book. The concept of gifted individuals being located and experimented on is not so out there. But the authors took the typical and switched it up. I enjoyed how the Alexander family banded together to support each other in their family. Alexandra was lucky to find Tyler who had no problem with her and her family’s gifts. He supported her. She was a strong women and they were a perfect combination. I would like to see a continuation of this series and more books by these authors. I would love more of this great family with their amazing gifts.

Book Blurb for Healer

Alexandra Grayson is an empathic healer, flying under the radar as a Spokane Valley EMT. Protecting her family’s secret from Homeland Security’s Gifted Agenda and the bigotry of a fearful populace is the most important thing to her. Getting close to men, especially super sexy cops, isn’t an option.

Tyler Kincaid is a man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Alex. When she outs herself as Gifted by healing a child, Tyler helps her escape, but even his love is not enough to protect her. When Alex is taken by HOMSEC agents, Tyler has to lead a motley collection of Alex’s Gifted relatives in a daring rescue.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00