Haunted Wolves

Green Pines, Book 2

Haunted Wolves is the second book in the Green Pine Series. It takes place right after the first book, Haunted Sanctuary. Please read the first book before reading this book. This book is about Lorelei and Colin. They are two lone wolves that find themselves part of this pack and finding each other. Haunted Wolves is a book that has strong characters and action and does not rely on sex to make the book work. This is a great character driven shifter book.

I really enjoyed Haunted Wolves. This author crafts an exciting shifter book with wonderful characters. These characters have real lives and troubles while being shifters. It was nice to read a shifter book that had strong characters and a great story. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good shifter book, but please read the first book or you will be really lost. Also this is part of a trilogy and we are all waiting for book three.

Book Blurb for Haunted Wolves

He hunts nightmares. She survives them.

Lorelei Adams has lost many things—her humanity, her life, even her son. She’s always fought through her exhaustion, always stayed strong for her pack, but now there are new alphas to take care of the others. Unfortunately, time to rest means time to think about her own pain.

Colin Knox knows about exhaustion. He’s acted as judge, jury, and executioner to rogue wolves for over a decade, but never lingered long enough to help the survivors pick up the pieces—until now. Lorelei rouses his instincts, both protective and carnal. She’s willing, but only to indulge in physical distraction. Colin wants more, to be the hero who slays her monsters.

Especially when it becomes clear that malicious magic is loose in their sanctuary. The danger draws them together until it’s impossible to separate lust from affection, good intentions from rationalizations. Darkness is stirring at Green Pines. If they can’t fight it together, they could lose everything they have left.

Warning: Contains a weary vigilante hero looking for a place to call home and a stubborn werewolf heroine unwilling to admit she needs help. Also appearing: small-town prejudices, big-city dangers, naked chases through the woods and ghosts. Lots of ghosts.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00