Half Wed Moon

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Half Wed Moon

A Danny Lee Novel #1

Half Wed Moon is the first in a series about Danny Lee. Danny is a magi-wolf shifter who has tried staying off the radar. That is until she receives a box with her brother’s finger in it. This brings about a chain of events from alpha werewolves fighting for power to vampires and the Fae! Danny’s brother has gotten involved in an oncoming fight with the fairies and Danny thinks she needs to save him. This is a great beginning to an exciting series about our magi-wolf and her fight for her independence. Everyone wants Danny’s power, but is she up to the fight of a lifetime!

Half Wed Moon is a new take on werewolves. It’s nice to see a new book try something new in the paranormal world. This is definitely a good first book. There is lots of action and plenty of characters to make for a fast paced book. Hopefully they will show up in the next book. Danny Lee is a great character and I can’t wait to see what will happen with her story. I recommend this to any shifter or magic fans because this book has both and plenty of action to keep their interest. Hopefully the following books will answer some questions left from the first book and we will see some more romance and sex. This is defiantly not “erotic” in the true sense, but is more of what I call a hot book.

Book Blurb for Half Wed Moon

Danny Lee has a problem, and it’s bigger than the demon she has just managed to release on the New Jersey populace. Danny is a magi wolf; the only magi-infused werewolf in existence and her life is a constant battle between her inner beast and her mage sensibilities. Danny’s brother has gone missing and the price for information that may lead to his release—her freedom. In order to secure his safety, Danny must rejoin the pack that she deserted five years past … and the pack Alpha that she has tried so hard to forget. Armed with information, determination and a whole lot of magic, Danny ventures into foreign territory in search of her brother and lands in the arms and under the fangs of one irresistible master vampire, a vampire who has no intention of letting this stubborn and independent magi wolf get away. But Danny whose independence means everything to her, and who cannot think past her split soul, has much more on her mind than the sexy and mysterious vampire who would love to get a bite in. Can the wolf in magi’s clothing and the Machiavellian vampire find love amidst war, pack politics and a possible fairy invasion?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50