Geared Up

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Geared Up

Tales of the Citadel Book 54

Niad Wyfirth is a Citadel trained talent that is not acknowledge by her planet. She had to be trained off world to become a Specialist in mechanical alignment but not use it in public. She has applied to become a Guardian of her planet, but has been turned down when she came to the notice of the local Guardians. In this book Niad becomes accepted by her people and family as a hero and a legit talent.

In this book we are introduced to a talent that has been trained at the Citadel but has left and come home to work. But not everything is great. Even if you have been trained by the Citadel you must prove your worth to the planets Guardians and her home planet. She has the backing of a loving family, but family conflict is also a part of the story. But all is saved by Guardian Tauron, a shapeshifter with feeling for Niad. He accepts her with all of her geared up talents.

This is a short story with lots of action and conflict. Readers get a couple that is accepting of each other’s talents and family. This is a great addition to this series and a must read for any fan of Viola Grace.

Book Blurb for Geared Up

Niad has controlled herself since returning from the Citadel. She has kept out of the public eye and kept off the Guardians’ radar. Her talent is not encouraged by her people, and she is not legally allowed to participate in a rescue, a natural disaster or any law-enforcement actions.

She keeps her head down and continues her work as a vehicle repair specialist until the day that her careful actions mix with a disaster. She finds a fire where a repair job is supposed to be and takes steps to do the best she can for those trapped inside.

That one act is observed by one of the Guardians and evolves into an arrest, a charge, freedom and a change in position. She is ready to gear up.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.00