Forbidden (Collection)

After many years studying medicine on the Gothemar home world she finds true love with her neighbor and his bodyguards. This is not a traditional soul mate bond but a true love that can’t be. The book Forbidden is a collection of four books all written about the Gothemar people. This society has strong roots in the past with beliefs in the power of everlasting love.

Forbidden, book 1, sets up the plot and background for the next three books in the series.

We are introduced to the Gothemar people as they attack and occupy Earth. Not all is as it seems. Our heroine is introduced to the Gothemar leader after the brutal attack of her family by rebel troops. An instant bond is formed by our heroine and the Gothemar leader. Two years later she and the Gothemar leader reunite. Our couple finds a forbidden love that last thru time.

Neighborhood Watch, book 2, is the short story of a human doctor and a Gothemar doctor.

Sleeping with the Enemy, book 3, is the short story of a human solider and a Gothemar woman whose husband is brutally murdered. As custom soul mates happen just one time, but this is a true bond.

New Beginnings is book 4. Our main character is our original heroine’s son. With love nothing can be truly forbidden?

First I would like to say I didn’t know that this was a collection when I started reading this book. I would have enjoyed the book more if they had been split up so that each book could have been lengthened with more character development and plot. The first book flowed smoother because more time was taken with the development of the story and the other three books felt choppy and less developed. I felt each of the four should have had the same degree of plot, description and focus.

Book Blurb for Forbidden (Collection)

Enter the world of the Forbidden, if you dare.

The Gothe’maran are a harsh warrior people. When they collide with the men and women of Earth and are met with resistance, a war begins that will change the face of both civilizations. Passions collide with tradition and a new way of life must be forged or both peoples will lose the best parts of themselves. Both sides must learn that love is a force stronger than even the staunchest warrior, and sometimes the heart takes you places you never thought you’d be.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00