Fair Trade

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Fair Trade

Las Vegas Sinners

Fair Trade is a Las Vegas Sinners hockey book. The Sinners are a progressive team and Grayson Gunn has just been traded to them. He is in his forties and this might be his last opportunity for a playoff win. Olivia is the new assistant doctor for the team. But she is ready to move on. The two newbies on the team find themselves in a relationship? Can this all work out?

This is another sinners story filled with romance and hockey. The relationship has its ups and downs. Gunn is a likable hero that is older! You don't find too many romances with this theme and it was refreshing to see. Olivia is strong and capable. She cares about the team members. She really shows how strong she is when she delivers a baby after a game.

These two find love but will the team keep them apart. Get started on this fun sports romance and find out how these two get their Happily Ever After.

The Las Vegas Sinners series has become a favorite of mine in the Sports Romance genre. Readers get a touching romance with heart and an alpha sport hero. Fair Trade is a great romance to add to your to be read list.

Book Blurb for Fair Trade

When ambitious Olivia Parker is offered the prime position of assistant physician for the Las Vegas Sinners hockey team, she's determined to prove she belongs there. But it's lonely at the top. Her professional focus has lost her countless personal relationships, and now she's ready for a fresh start. What she's not ready for is her gorgeous new patient showing her everything she's been missing. Could a shot at real love be worth risking her ethical code?

Grayson Gunn happily played his entire career for his hometown team, never having won hockey's greatest prize. A surprise trade to the Sinners gives him one last chance at the Cup before he hangs up his skates, and nothing will stand in his way, not even the injuries that send him to the team's pretty new doctor. A little flirtation now that he's on his way out of the NHL can't hurt though...right? But when he gets a second chance to keep playing, Grayson is torn between the game he's lived for and the woman he can't seem to live without.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00