Dance of Time

Tales of the Citadel Book 53

Zez is a Talent, a Time Bender. At 11 years old she uses her talent to survive by being a thief and raising money to save her sister. When a Recruiter finds her she is offered a way out, but must bring her sister with her. The Citadel is home for them and trains Zez to stop time and save people. She is matched with Korlin from the Sector Guard as her new partner and they start a long list of adventures of worlds needing help. Through it all Korlin and Zez becomes a perfect match and another win for the Sector guard.

Each Citadel book is filled with exciting content, other planets, yummy aliens, and strong heroines. In this book we meet Zez a damaged child that grows and finds her new mate and partner. Korlin (Immune) is a Nishan of the Northern Mist. And he has been looking for a mate, one that will accept a mate that can dissolve into a mist. It takes time and many jobs but as the two get closer they become more than work partners.

The Sector Guard Matchmaker is right again, they are a great couple together. This book is filled with hope, sisterly love and family. It’s nice to see Zez sister and her family and also the beginning of Zez family. With a little help from the Nameless we have another happy ending.

This is book 59! It’s a standalone book but this whole series is a winner. If you are a fan of science fiction romance this series is a great set of books. I’m looking forward to the next books from this author.

Book Blurb for Dance of Time

Zez joins the Citadel at age eleven, with a colourful history behind her. Her skills grow with every year, and in a decade, her ability to stop time in a confined area draws the attention of the Sector Guard.

Immune is paired with the young woman with the dark past, and he sets his mind to keep her under control and save the innocents she might sweep away with her actions.

Somewhere in the mire of distrust, a partnership is formed. The partnership has the potential to grow into something else, but resentments and accusations will slow the development.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00