Crumbled to Pieces

Cookies & Chance Mysteries Book 6

Sally rents the room above her bakery to a friend of her grandmothers after her sister moves out. Easy dough she thinks! And that’s when the trouble starts. Her ovens are being used without permission and someone else is selling her cookies. If that’s not bad enough, her tenet ends up murdered during a hit and run and she knows there a mystery that needs to be solved. Sally is on the job no matter where it leads. Sally and the great secondary characters makes this is a fun book... no matter how the cookie crumbles. It’s a great read.

This is the sixth book in this culinary cozy mystery series. It can read as a standalone book because the author is great about giving us needed background information. It's just the right amount of into to make us feel comfortable without reading the priors.

Book Blurb for Crumbled to Pieces

From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns comes another tantalizingly tasty culinary mystery...

In need of some quick dough, full-time baker and sometime sleuth Sally Muccio decides to rent the vacant apartment over the bakery to a friend of her grandmother's. Allegra Fiato is nothing like Sal's darling Grandma Rosa, though. She's mean, dishonest, and harboring a deadly secret.

When the elderly woman is mowed down in a hit and run, it quickly becomes obvious this was no accident. Grandma Rosa asks for Sal's help to find the killer which involves a last minute trip to Vegas crashed by Sal's crazy parents, stolen fortune cookies, and a mysterious missing locket. To add more spice to the mix, a loved one makes a startling admission to Sal that shocks her to the very core. Suddenly, Sal's world is in danger of crumbling around her. Can she put the pieces back together in time before the killer makes her the next victim?

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What critics are saying:

"Catherine Bruns has whipped up another delicious treat with this delightful cozy. If you like your mysteries to taste sweet this one is a good choice."

--Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.00