Countdown to Zero Hour

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Countdown to Zero Hour

Black Ops: Automatik, Book #1

Countdown to Zero Hour is a romantic suspense that starts in San Diego and ends in the Mexican desert. Haley has just lost her dreams of opening a restaurant and has a food cart outside a San Diego night club owned by the Russian mob. A night of brisk selling brings Art a Russian mob bodyguard to her cart for food and a little action. After tasting her food Haley is offered a cooking job she can’t refuse. But cooking for mobsters is never simple and more is going on than meets the eye.

This is an exciting book and I was glad to see it’s the start of a new series. This world we are brought into is dangerous and exciting. Haley is a great character. After her ex did her wrong she starts a business selling her grandmothers recipes. A simple act like that brought her into the world of the Russian Mob and cartels but also to the attention to our hero Art Diaz. A hot ex Special Forces undercover operative of Automatik. Art is a great hero, he’s trying to right a wrong done to his dad and falls for Haley while protecting her. He has a rough and takes charge attitude but also a very sweet side with Haley. It’s great to see their relationship evolve as the pages go by. The two work together to bring down the mobsters and have a happy ending at the end of the book.

Countdown to Zero is a well written book with great characters and a hot romance. We get to see a small glimpse at the rest of Art’s team and since this is the first book it looks like more great books with interesting characters are coming soon. I can’t wait to read more in this series. I would defiantly read this first book.

Book Blurb for Countdown to Zero Hour

Hayley Bascov is a chef without a kitchen. Her plans to open a restaurant left with the ex-boyfriend who doubled as her business partner; now she hawks Russian dumplings from a cart outside a shady San Diego nightclub.

When the owner, a notorious Russian mob boss, tastes her dumplings and recruits her to cater an event, it’s made clear she can’t say no. But the money is good, and with her main point of contact being the boss’s sexy right-hand man, the perks aren’t bad either.

Art Diaz is tattooed, muscular, and undeniably dangerous. Hayley knows better than to get involved with someone with such close afia ties, but a little flirtation might help keep her safe, if she could just manage to keep her hands off of him. Unfortunately, he's not doing anything to make that easy. Or even possible.

What Hayley doesn’t know is that Art is more than handsome mob muscle. He’s an undercover agent for black ops organization Automatik, tasked with bringing down the very man they both call any cost.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50