Called by Honour

Darkest Star Saga, #5

Avvel has lived as a bodyguard and a friend to the Whichan lord since she was ten years old. She has also been in charge of his troops and personal protection. The Asku people send their commander to trade troops and bodyguards with the Whichan leader. The commander takes one look at Avvel and decides that she is his soul mate and they will be married before leaving the planet. They spend their time in an area that Avvel was found wondering as a child and the mystery of her birth is revealed. Neither race nor distance can keep these soul mates apart.

Called by Honour was a good book, but way to short. I wish that the author would have lengthened the book with more character development and action. At the end I felt like I needed more background information about the planet, Avvel and the commander. This could have been a great read if it was longer. I know that this is a part of The Darkest Star Saga –but it could have been a great stand-alone if it went into more details.

Book Blurb for Called by Honour

Living as a bodyguard for a Whichan noble, Avvel is shocked and betrayed when her charge trades her for an Asku bodyguard willing to be his lover. She must take on her new position with dignity or shame her people, but life in the arms of an Asku is beyond what she expected.

Druin wanted the trainer of the elite Whichan guard to come and help the Asku retain a fading art. The trainer is a woman with a mystery surrounding her and there is nothing that Druin enjoys more than getting to the bottom of the woman who can kick his men into heaps on the ground. It’s love at first sight.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00