Bryan's Betrayal

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Bryan's Betrayal

Shrew & Company, #3

This is book 3 in the Shrew & Co. series. Tamara Ursu is sent out in search for a rogue Were-bear at the request of the bear’s sister. This is supposed to be a simple missing persons case but when Bryan and Tamara meet, things get complicated. Bryan is trying to take the old bear's Alpha spot and clean up the group. A worthy goal but there are other complications--Tamara's health and Bryan's need to take Tamara as a mate. The road of true love is always complicated but even more so if one throws in angry bears and mating heat.

This is my first time reading a book in this series-–but this can be read as a standalone book. Bryan and Tamara have good connections and they really grow in their relationship. The story gives us lots of interesting information about bear clans and mating, which shifter fans will enjoy. Bears seem to be showing up more than ever now in shifter books and it’s nice to read a book with lots of bear shifter culture. This book is recommended for any paranormal–shifter fan. It has lots of action and romance and makes me want to read the other books in the series.

Book Blurb for Bryan's Betrayal

Shrew & Company is already down one investigator when the boss Dana sends Tamara Ursu out in search of a rogue Were-bear. Dana didn’t expect her Shrew to go rogue, too.

If it weren’t for the plea of Bryan Ridge’s sister, the ladies of the investigation firm would have happily left the missing Bear lieutenant on the run. They’re trying to extricate themselves from the Bear-Catamount conflict—not escalate it further. But when Tamara finds Bryan, he lays out a convincing case for them to partner up…and he wants her stay quiet about it.

Bryan intends to oust his Alpha and take the job for himself. Once known as the peacekeepers of the Smoky Mountains, the Bears are now known more for dealing pot than mediating disputes. Bryan wants to bring them back to their respectable origins, which may mean forcing a deeper rift in the already-fractured group. Much to his chagrin, he can’t do it alone.

Although Tamara and Bryan get on like fire and ice, she actually thinks his idea is a good one. The sooner the Bear drama gets resolved, the sooner she can return to her routines back in Durham. To complicate matters, proximity to Bryan negatively impacts Tamara’s health, and the Bear part of him wants to take her for a mate. He has little choice but to call in the Shrews for assistance.

They’ll help him eliminate his Alpha, but first, Tamara has to deal with the illness that Bryan seems to be both the cause of and cure for.

***Sensuality level: sexy. Also contains coarse language and shapeshifter violence.***

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 3.50