Bound by Joy

Cauld Ane Series, #8

“Bound by Joy” is book eight in the Cauld Ane series. As the name suggests it’s a Joy. Kenna McFadden is Cauld Ane and she has lived hundreds of years. In all this time she hasn’t met her mate, but that is about to change. She meets a visiting Icelandic prince while helping with her sister. Cauld Ane knows they are mates…so why wait. A world wind romance and happy life is just around the corner.

This book is the perfect short Christmas read. There are lots of family and babies being born and the magic of the season in an Icelandic castle. If you are a fan of this series it’s a great short read. I am hoping more clues are coming on what’s next in this most loved series. I want new characters finding mates and families that grow. This was definitely a joy to read.

Book Blurb for Bound by Joy

Kenna McFadden has waited more than two hundred years for her mate and she finds him in a most unexpected way.

On a mission to find his missing niece, prince Gunnar Baldersson finds someone far more precious to him.

Join in their bonding as they fall in love while celebrating the sweetness and joy of Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 3.50