Blood and Kisses

Blood and Kisses is not just your typical witch and vampire novel-it is so much more. Ms. Shah introduces us to Thalia the local Witches Champion and to Gideon Damek an immortal vampire who is the local enforcer for the area. Thalia has been asked to investigate the killing of local witches by a rouge vampire and goes to Gideon for help. This case has become personnel to Thalia because her cousin has been murdered, even though she wasn’t a witch. Thalia and Damek join forces to hunt down the rogue vampire and put a stop to his destruction of witches. Ms. Shah gives us lots of background details on how politics plays a part in the witches business and what a champion really is. On the other side she brings out the depth of Gideon’s character as she gives us details of his lonely existence since becoming a vampire. Thalia and Damek are well suited to each other and bring out the best in each other. Thalia and Gideon are the fulfillment of an old prophesy and true mates.

I’m giving Blood and Kisses 4 stars because the story is full of rich characters. It is a well written book with a touch of humor. One of my favorite characters is Spirit the dog that is with Thalia. Spirit has changed over time, but is her friend, confident and protector. It’s always nice to see a little humor in books. I defiantly recommend this to anyone that loves vampires or witch stories. I’m looking forward to more from this author.

Book Blurb for Blood and Kisses

It isn’t easy being the Witches’ Champion, especially when it’s a hereditary position and you’re hardly the most powerful witch of your line. Thalia Kent has managed to cope so far with wit and nerve and every ounce of magical ability she possesses, but now her cousin, who wasn’t a witch, is dead -- murdered by a rogue vampire -- and if she’s going to hunt him down and survive, she’s going to need all the help she can get. She needs Gideon Damek, immortal vampire, but vampires shun witches for good reason, witch blood is poisonous.

Gideon Damek has fought his predatory nature for thousands of years and the last thing he wants is to team up with anyone, least of all a beautiful young witch. Still, something about Thalia compels him to agree.

Soon, Thalia must deal with a reluctant partner, a rebellious witch community, interfering police, a healthy dose of self-doubt, a raging passion for the forbidden Mr. Damek and an enemy who’s following an ancient prophecy that requires both their deaths, all without losing her neck, or her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00