Bite Me

The Transfigured Ones Book 2

Bite Me is a book about a vampire (Transfigured) chef. He’s a renowned chef many times over but he is also charming and passionate about his Job. Foxwoods Hotel and Casino is known for its food by chef Magnus. When Lilly the owner hires Caroline to update the Whiskey bar and menu pairing the two click. But can a human and transfigured work. Magnus and Caroline's book shows it can work.

This is a short interesting story with humor and charm. Bite Me is the second book in this series but I have not read the first book at this time. I was able to pick up right at the beginning without missing any background details. Magnus is a transfigured but also a foodie. And yes he eats but also needs blood because of a genetic problem. Caroline is human but has always fought her parents rule and seems to adjust to Magnus very quick. This pairing works between the two because each fines acceptance in each other. It’s a work in progress as the couple deals with relationship problems all new couples deal with rather vampire or human.

Ms. Roth has turned a very normal vampire romance in a total new direction – a foodie (Jamie Oliver) vampire. The book was fun and sexy and a great read. If you are a vampire romance fan you need to put this on your to read list.

Book Blurb for Bite Me

Magnus Corbett is the world renowned head chef for Usquebaugh, the wildly popular restaurant and whiskey bar inside the Foxwood Hotel and Casino. He's certain that it was his status as one of the Transfigured that put him on the map. It will be bold flavors and his tireless work ethic that keep him there. And, if he has to be a little blunt to get things done? So be it.

When bar manager, Caroline Lundquist, develops a line of cocktails to breathe some life into the drink menu, she's determined to have new gin-inspired dishes to pair with them. During their collaboration she finds herself falling for the side of Magnus that people rarely see. He's sweet. Compassionate. Caring. As they begin to navigate the perils of a vampire-human relationship, both of their pasts crop up, threatening to destroy everything they're working so hard to build together.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.50