Bite Deep

Small town politics meets Werewolves justice in this foreign set MC paranormal romance.

This story is set in rural Tasmania. It features Ben “Bulldog “Jericho as president of the Diablo Dogs MC and alpha werewolf leader. When murder strike it’s time for action but more trouble is brewing in Camden. With the newly returned Constable Lydia Gault the two must find a way to work together and solve the problems facing the town.

Because this book is written by an Australian author and set in Tasmania, some of the wording may read a little different to an American reader. But this is still an MC book in any language.

The Diablo Dogs run the area and the center trying to help the werewolves that are having trouble with their shifting. This Reversion is bringing on shifting until death and scientist are working on help. But when bodies start showing up damaged the police are called in.

Enter the newly returned Lydia – a strong women fitting some demons but meeting Ben will change her life. The two work together to solve the murders but nothing is ever easy in werewolf town. Hunters abounded and Lydia has old ties that might make a problem. But Ben is protective and all Alpha with Lydia and saves the day and the town.

This looks to be the start to a series, but I could have used a little more background in several areas. I wanted more on the center, hunters, werewolves and past relationships. I felt dropped into the story. After the story began I found my place and found the book fast passed and a good read. I’m interested to see where the story goes from there.

Book Blurb for Bite Deep

From Rebekah Turner, author of the Applecross Chronicles series, comes a paranormal romance set among the biker werewolves of rural Tasmania.

Ben 'Bulldog' Jericho, president of the Diablo Dogs motorcycle club and werewolf alpha, bears the grim burden of leadership, punishing any who stray from pack rules. When one of his own is murdered, he knows justice must be served.

Constable Lydia Gault has fled a traumatic past on the mainland for her Tasmanian hometown of Camden ? and she has blood ties to hunters of Jericho’s kind.

Now, Lydia and Jericho must join forces to hunt a killer, even as pack politics and werewolf hunters intrude on the small town, threatening to re-ignite an ancient war.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.50