Be Still My Lover's Heart

Memory Makers - Be Still My Lover's Heart Book One

Be Still My Lover's Heart is a wonderful sci-fi romance book. Taken on a space station- Tempest and his friends have run a bar for hundreds of years. His race has believed in bond mates but he has given up on finding his after hundreds of years. But this night Tempest has felt his bond mate in his bar. Shea is a gunner on a space ship. Her friend Cami has walked into a bar and Tempest has found her. After Shea’s confrontation with a rival commander things go bad. Shea and Cami are hurt in a crash and Tempest learns the true feeling of his bond. As the bad guys try to take over Tempest and Shea escape to his home planet.

Be Still My Lover's Heart is a great and well written book. I loved all the characters. The love and care Tempest takes with his hurt bond mate is wonderful. I am so glad this book ended in the great escape and a happy ending. I hope to read more from this author. I highly recommend this book.

Book Blurb for Be Still My Lover's Heart

Ethereal beauty Shea, a Lieutenant in a Universal military, has spent the last four years protecting Colony supply freighters on a small space station. If not for her partner and the hopes of a better assignment, the loss of her husband and a devastating illness would leave her little desire to live.

That is until she meets Tempest, an alien whose species is rumored to be the origin of the vampires. A man who makes her feel alive in ways she's never felt before.

Tempest has prayed to the Divine One for countless years for his bondmate. Shea is his long-awaited answer and so much more. One night will not be enough for a man who has waited a lifetime, but he is determined to make Shea his forever.

With a madman out to destroy them and certain death nipping at their heels, will Tempest and Shea outwit Remi and survive to share a future together, or die protecting all they hold dear?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00