Awakened by the Wolf

The Wahyas of Walker's Run, #1

Who’s sleeping in the Alpha’s bed?

Brice Walker has been exiled by his pack and family. But he misses his home and family. When he sneaks into see his Grandmother he finds Cassie. Cassie is a human working at the family resort. Brice has found his true mate but after being kidnapped by rogue wolves will she accept Brice, the pack and his love?

“Awakened by the Wolf” is another hot and sexy shifter book. It has a great set of characters. Brice is an alpha wolf sifter that has been kicked out by his father, the Alpha. He understands the mandate but still misses his home.

In “Awakened by the Wolf” the author gives us a window into pack politics and family dynamics. As all wolves, he misses his family and returns to check on his Grandmother. Cassie is a strong independent human female working at his family Resort, Walker Run. She has lots of baggage and does a good job of putting off Brice. But Brice and Cassie are true mates. But that doesn’t mean it’s an instant bonding. They have lots to work out. We all need a hero but she has to accept both the wolf and the man.

“Awakened by the Wolf” is a well written and passionate shapeshifter book. I recommend reading this book if you are a fan of shifter romances. I enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more from this author.

Book Blurb for Awakened by the Wolf

Who's been sleeping in the Alpha's bed? 

Exiled from his pack by his father, Brice Walker has secretly come home to visit his ailing grandmother only to discover a human and very desirable female sleeping in his bed. Their attraction is instant. But his new bed buddy seems determined to resist his Southern charm and Alpha allure.  

For Brice, fiercely independent Cassie not only represents a chance to build a new life in Walker's Run but is also his one true mate. Cassie's reluctance dissolves when a rogue shifter kidnaps her, and now she and Brice must work together to save his pack. But once she witnesses the savagery of wolfan justice, can Cassie accept Brice as man, beast and her true love?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.00