"Ashes" is a fitting name for this book. Journalist Ambrosia is following a lead about a legendary Phoenix and meets Reece. Reece is a Phoenix prince and next in line for the throne and has come to the area to nest and go through rebirth. By accident Ambrosia inhales his ashes and becomes pregnant. A human and a purebred Phoenix is just not done but fate has a way to work it out.

I loved both main characters--Reece the prince, who acted as a standup guy and goes after what he wants even though it is not accepted by most. Ambrosia the feisty reporter-–who finds herself pregnant and introduced into a whole new society but takes to it with a 'go to' attitude. And let’s not forget the wicked grandmother who Reece puts in her place so that we can have our happy ever after. A great story and one I would recommend.

Book Blurb for Ashes

Accidents happen for a reason...

Journalist Ambrosia Pellerin accepts an assignment involving the legendary phoenix, expecting, if nothing else, a little entertainment. Instead, she winds up pregnant—by a surprisingly human-looking firebird, Reece Bennu.

As the Phoenix prince, Reece is next in line to the throne and expected to marry a purebred royal. A common human such as Ambrosia is not in the cards. He swears, though, he’ll never be an absentee father.

As Ambrosia’s due date grows closer, so do the soon-to-be parents. But will their tentative love survive the prejudice of Reece’s grandmother, who will stop at nothing to tear the two apart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00