Switching Sides

Elizabeth, a no-holds barred type of girl, has been around the block a few times with various men. Luck hasn’t been on her side on finding a suitable, long-term boyfriend. However, she thinks she’s finally found the perfect gentleman and is on her way to their third date. Brad, the gentleman, ignores all of her sexual advances and suddenly leaves when a young art student named Kara slips into his place. Kara informs Elizabeth that they are in a gay bar and Brad is actually gay! Kara takes the opportunity to seduce Elizabeth with her womanly charisma and sexuality is explored in a new dimension for both women involved.

The female characters contrasted each other well by both being sexually experienced in one area but inexperienced in the other. With this element the author provides a stimulating, first person account of sexual experimentation. Also, all descriptions held sensory words that really gave the reader a sense of the emotions as well as physical feelings of the characters. The author also provided good pacing for the story and didn’t rush through the intimate scenes nor drag them out past the action.

The story is told from Elizabeth’s point of view where she looks back on the night before and proceeds to write the events in a diary format. I found this writing technique refreshing for an erotic novella and the reader eagerly reads the events as the character “writes” them out. Finally, in the end Elizabeth is rushing for a lunch date with Kara. This provides a unique and interesting way to end the story as the character has an engagement to attend to but quickly finishes her diary entry. I sure would like to read the rest of Elizabeth’s diary!

Book Blurb for Switching Sides

Elizabeth thinks she's got one hot date with a good looking guy, but when she tries to get busy, he runs like his butt is on fire. Confused, Elizabeth meets up with Kara, who tells her that her date is gay, and figured she was too, so he thought he was safe.

A little stunned, but very attracted to Kara, Elizabeth thinks maybe things worked out for the best, especially when she and Kara head back to the dorm for a little experimentation. Will Kara convince Elizabeth that switching sides is a good idea?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50