Arabella Lehmann is caught kissing a dairy maid by her aunt and uncle and sent off to Katzenhalle Villa because of her deplorable behavior. Arabella suspects she will be forced into servitude but receives quite a surprise when the servitude is for a Mistress who takes in girls with Sapphic impulses. Petra, an attendant, divulges to Arabella that the Komtesse Katarina von Graffenried has “kittens” that every servant aspires to become. The kittens roam the palace donning cat ears, and furry stockings on their arms and legs. The kittens even wear a tail which is fitted into their backside. To become the kitten is the highest regard in the palace, but Arabella can’t help feeling an ominous danger lurking behind the gilt of the Komtesse’s mansion.

While becoming accustomed to her new life, Arabella spies the kometesse’s favorite pet, Giselle. Giselle is a brunette beauty and Arabella immediately falls head over heels for the sensuous kitten. Giselle seems to return the affection but unbeknownst to Arabella, Giselle has her agenda. With romantic trysts between kittens and attendants forbidden Arabella and Giselle must keep their attraction secret or risk fatal punishment. Giselle seduces Arabella to risk it all and help her escape but is it for love?

Purr is definitely a novella that pushes the reader’s boundaries between erotic and taboo. The writing is superb and full of rich descriptions and a dark atmospheric tone. Therefore, this is a perfect read for a stormy night! Also, the story flowed very easily and the action was paced evenly with enough descriptive language for the reader to truly visualize the drama at Katzenhalle Villa.

While the characters were clearly described they seemed one dimensional. The reader receives glimpses of the komtesse’s life behind closed doors yet does not discover any redeeming qualities in the ice-cold Mistress. Likewise, for the rest of the characters “what you see is what you get”’ and there isn’t another layer of characterization.

Overall, Purr was a fantastic read and one I’d recommend to someone looking for an erotic tail *wink* that is unique and completely original.

Book Blurb for Purr

Having been caught kissing a servant girl, Arabella suddenly finds herself shackled and bound for Katzenhalle Villa, where she expects to be forced into servitude. Instead, she discovers the mansion is home to other young women with Sapphic penchants—and good behavior is rewarded with kittenhood. All who reside at the villa dream of donning cat ears and tails and earning status as one of the mistress’s “pets”.

There’s one caveat. Romantic entanglements are strictly forbidden, and this poses a problem when Arabella catches the eye of a favored pet, Giselle.

Risking discovery, the women indulge their mutual desire, heated looks escalating to thrilling touches with fingers, mouths…tongues. Until Arabella discovers things are not as purr-fect as they seem at Katzenhalle. While breaking the rules may see them punished, the treachery of falling in love may come at a fatal price.

Reader Advisory: The kittens of Katzenhalle can’t get enough hedonistic sexual attention. They enjoy female/female sex, light BDSM, ménages, multiple partners and even the occasional sensual enema. Meow!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50