Wrong Side of Dead

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Wrong Side of Dead

Book #2 of the Sweet Justice Series

When Seth Harper is arrested for a murder he is sure he has not committed - in spite of gaps in his memory - Jessie Beckett, a bounty hunter and Seth's former employer, goes out to prove that he is as innocent as he claims.

Seth, however, has secrets he isn't sharing and knows more than he imparts.  Jessie has secrets of her own and they become important to the present circumstances.  Will things work out in the end? Or will the killer win in spite of everything?

Wrong Side of Dead was an interesting read.  It did not have clearly drawn lines, left things up in the air until the end, and the girl wouldn't necessarily wind up with the man of her dreams.  Recommended reading for anyone who likes people who overcome their pasts, are stronger for them even if they don't think so, and who would love to see a happy ending - even if it may not be the one they think will happen.

Book Blurb for Wrong Side of Dead

Facing the nightmare of their past is the only way out...

Mysterious computer wizard Seth Harper awakens in a bloody motel room to find he's not alone. The vacant eyes of a grisly corpse stare accusingly at him—the body of a young woman. Seth becomes the prime suspect for a heinous murder. If only he could remember what happened.

His former employer, bounty hunter Jessie Beckett, is determined to prove his innocence despite his gaps in memory. But when Seth is reluctant to reveal his own dark secrets, she must earn his deepest trust. Against all odds, she's in an uphill battle to save him—the man she hasn't stopped thinking about since he disappeared from her life.

But his plight is not what it seems. And both Jessie and Seth must confront the demons of their pasts—in the place where their nightmares began—before Seth becomes a sacrificial lamb to a ruthless killer. With one fatal mistake, more innocent lives could wind up on the wrong side of dead.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50