Where You Least Expect It

Where You Least Expect It is a very nice read about finding love in ways and places where a person least expects to find it.

It is also a story about looking at yourself, where you are coming from, and where you would like to go and being the person you would like to be.

I do not think that all of the plot points necessarily work for me, personally, but they do work within the context of the story. What really brings the story together for me is that both of the characters evolve, not everything is flowers and candy, and the "knowing" (at least the way I read the story) that while things may work out for Matt and Christian, their relationship will have its ups and downs.

Good, recommendable read.

Book Blurb for Where You Least Expect It

Still getting over a bad breakup, ex-Army computer expert Matt Halston is a bit of a recluse with a strict routine that involves working too much, playing basketball with his best friend, and letting himself be dragged to parties when he'd rather be catching up on sleep. When he meets Christian Flannery, an out-and-proud college student, he's immediately intrigued and finds himself going out of his way to spend time getting to know Christian.

When Christian makes it obvious that he sees Matt as more than just a friend, Matt is forced to re-examine his sexuality and take an honest look at his feelings. With unintended pressures from his friends and his own confusion, Matt has a tough time working through the challenges. While Matt faces his fears of intimacy, Christian's facing his own issues paying for school and rent on barista wages. Can these two stubborn men find a common ground or will their obstacles prove insurmountable?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00