Treason's Shore

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Treason's Shore

Book 4

Inda has returned 'home' after winning against the Venn, the Marlovan traditional enemy, and is now Harskialdna (King's Shield) to King Evred - who is not only his liege, but a friend from youth as well as a relation.  The Venn are not defeated as yet - and the chief (king's) Dag (or wizard) has plans for them and himself.

When it looks like the Venn will be invading again, Evred sends Inda on a mission and hopes that Inda's fame (from the most recent events and from his pirate days) will be enough to unite the squabbling kingdoms and be able to defeat the Venn once and for all.  Evred has also given - quite publicly - Inda orders to take the straits and have them under Marlovan order once the Venn are defeated.  Inda, who knows this won't be quite possible, has a choice - to obey his liege or to commit treason.

Even though Sherwood Smith's writing is new to me, and Treason's Shore to be at the end of a quartet of books, I think that it can be read independently of the other books.  Having said that, reading this book has intrigued me enough to go looking for the other books.  Inda, Evred, Inda's former pirate crew, the Venn as a whole as well as the individual characters are so alive that I did not want the book to end.

What also drew me into the story were the hints and teases - sometimes elusive, sometimes not - of cultures in the here and now or of bygone eras even as Inda's world is very much it's own place. And Ms. Smith brings the reader into that world in a brilliantly vivid way.  To me, at least, Treason's Shore is a book to be read and never quite entirely set aside, even if it sits on the shelf, waiting to be re-read at a later date.

Book Blurb for Treason's Shore

Fourth in "an intense fascinating epic"

• of high action and fantasy adventure.

Inda, fresh from his triumph on the battlefield against the Venn, takes his place beside King Evred as Harskialdna, the King's Shield. But the Venn are far from defeated and only Inda's fame is strong enough to inspire all the squabbling kingdoms to unite and raise a force mighty enough to protect the strait and repel the enemy. Evred has also ordered Inda to take over the strait once the battle is won, but Inda, a former pirate, knows that this is a very bad idea. Now Inda must choose between obeying his liege—or committing treason.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75