To Be Where You Are

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To Be Where You Are

Jackson Spey and Adin Swift have been pursuing - on the odd weekend - an affair that has, so far, spanned seven months.  The thing is, they are at a point they want more than seeing each other on the occasional weekend - they love each other and they want to spend all of their time together.

Adin's live-in girlfriend, Celia, knows about the two men's relationship, knows Adin is too honorable to break up with her outright, and that the situation has come to a point where something has to give.

However, a glitch in the form of Noah Curry, a fellow magic practitioner of Jackson's. His partner has disappeared and he wants Jackson to help find him and he will go so far as to interfere in any way possible in order to have Jackson's help. This includes being able to "finagle" a status quo in the Jackson-Adin-Celia status quo until Perez is found.

What follows is a strange journey, not only geographically, but also in coming into contact with new, to Jackson, forces, beings, and strangeness that will make Jackson think.

The only thing that is left for Jackson is knowing that he has to keep going or else Adin might be never be his again.

To Be Where You Are was a little strange and convoluted - to me - in the reading, but that was a good thing. I liked working my way through it and found it to be an enjoyable read.  A happy ending isn't entirely guaranteed through most of the reading and that, again, is a good thing.  Would definitely recommend to others.

Book Blurb for To Be Where You Are

Contemporary/Molten Silver

After seven months of an affair they can only pursue on occasional weekends, Jackson Spey and Adin Swift are more in love than ever. More frustrated, too. Their periods of separation are becoming intolerable. Adin can’t help but feel responsible…just as he can’t help worrying Jackson’s patience is wearing thin.

Celia, Adin’s live-in girlfriend, has been aware of the men’s relationship from the start. She also knows Adin’s sense of honor will not allow him to walk out on her. Neither stupid nor insensitive, Celia realizes most triangles have a breaking point, and this one has reached that stage.

Just as she’s on the verge of arranging a meeting with Jackson, the wizard is summoned to do a strange favor for a fellow practitioner of magic. Noah Curry’s beloved partner, Perez Pei, has disappeared. Despondent and desperate, Noah uses a unique kind of influence to enlist Jackson’s aid.

As the lovers wonder what Celia’s intentions are and as Adin considers taking drastic measures, the hunt for Perez Pei begins. From his Milwaukee flat to an Illinois farmhouse to a shack in rural Mississippi, Jackson must confront forces, beings, and aspects of his freed sexuality he’s never before had to face.

He doesn’t know if it’s extortion or compassion that drives him to help Noah find Perez. He only knows he can’t give up. If he does, Adin could be lost to him forever.

Contains: m/m sexual practices and mild bondage.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50