The Second World War

A Military History

For me, the book is a good introduction to World War II for those readers (like me) who do not know a lot about that particular war outside of what is taught in schools. It also makes a good addition for the reader that has an avid interest in this particular time period.

While I do not necessarily agree with some of the author's viewpoints, that is outweighed by the overall presentation of the information, the readability of the book, the footnotes within the text providing extra little factoids to what could be a dry presentation of fact, and the pictures from the different archives.

Good addition to any library (home or otherwise).

Book Blurb for The Second World War

A landmark reassessment of World War II that reconsiders the immense six-year conflict under the lens ofÿthe many separate campaigns fought in Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean

Aÿdefinitive single-volume military history of World War II,ÿThe Second World War reveals theÿvastly diverse ways in whichÿeachÿcampaign wasÿwaged against very different enemies who rarely, if ever, coordinated their efforts. Corrigan,ÿwho has developed a scholarly reputation of challenging long-held historical assumptions,ÿexamines the agendas of the warring nations and offers fresh and vivid interpretations of how the war was fought and how it was won. In particular, the author dispels myths regarding the effectiveness of the American and British war efforts and brings the contributions of the Russian armies to the forefront. Vast in vision and epic in scope, The Second World War will change forever the way we think about the titanic conflicts that decided theÿshapeÿof the modern world.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00