The Return

Blood Hunter # 3

I found THE RETURN to be an engrossing read. What I liked about it is the intertwining histories, pasts, present, flourishing relationships, enmity, and, well, jealousy (warranted and unwarranted) between the characters.

I also liked the twists and turns provided within the plot. Those twists and turns also helped, at least in my opinion, to highlight the different personalities involved.

Book Blurb for The Return

Raven Prince, a vampire, and Thorne Abbott, her human lover, have endured secrets, lies and even murder. The only task remaining is for Thorne to become a vampire as well. Eternity never looked so good.

Haunted by the shame of deserting his first true love, Jason Craft, became a hunter of his own kind. Brought together on a mission of revenge, he found sanctuary in the arms of Jazmine Fabré and together they uncovered a startling truth.

Jason, now an enemy of the Vampire Lord for whom he’d been employed, sets out to save the coven he’s been commissioned to terminate, which leads straight to the woman he left behind thirty years before, Raven Prince.

Will fate lead them to where they were meant to be? Or will evil forces destroy them all?

Sometimes the only way to get something right is to go back to where it all went wrong. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.25