The Devil Draws Two

The Wild West Adventures of Miles O'Malley

Generally speaking, I like a book that combines different eras, cultures, and "things" together in a new and unique way. I also enjoy the book if the characters are interesting and the pace is good.

I enjoyed Mr. Riley's take on the Old West and Ah Puch trying to take over California. I liked the characters, especially Paul (Miles' horse) as he provided much needed comic relief throughout the story. Miles was a good focal point in the story as a sort of "everyman" who keeps trying to stop Ah Puch's takeover of California.

Having said that, I think that the overall length of the book could have been shorter with fewer distractions for Miles. I liked the stories in and of themselves, but they wound up making the story feel (for me) tedious after a while.

Overall, an okay read with an interesting premise that could have been better.

Book Blurb for The Devil Draws Two

In 1880, Ah Puch, an evil Mayan god, is determined to take over the State of California and turn it into his own personal empire. Vagabond barber turned lawman Miles O’Malley is determined to stop him. Along the way, Miles is frequently distracted by run ins with everything from shipwrecked ghosts to sea monsters to little green men in flying saucers. To further complicate his life he is befriended by some very sexy fallen angels who can cause him even more trouble. The west was never this wild!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.00