The Demon Hunt

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The Demon Hunt

A Dark Storm Novel, Book 2

The Demon Hunt is a nice follow-up to The Dark Storm and I enjoyed the way Ms. Greene has continued the series.

I liked seeing how the characters evolved and how the threads have come together and expanded.

The pace was just right with enough clues to keep the reader reading and waiting for the next installment.

Book Blurb for The Demon Hunt

Soul-sucking demons. Half-human killers. Doomsday prophesies. No, this isn’t a late-night movie on cable TV. This is Gabriel’s life—or least, what’s left of it—ever since he discovered his true destiny as a warrior knight in the battle against darkness. Once an ordinary college kid studying lost legends in books, Gabriel now finds himself face to face with actual demons. As a warrior, he has no choice but to fight them. And if he screws it up, the world is toast…

A dimensional rift has opened between worlds. Which means more demons—and more death—than you could shake a proverbial stick at. Luckily, Gabriel has just the stick for the job, an ancient trident that gives him awesome demon-bashing powers. To watch his back he has the butt kicking half Demon De Mona and several unlikely heroes who he’s picked up along the way. To make matters more complicated two of Gabriel’s college buddies wind up dead and he finds that the demons aren’t the only ones who want a piece of his hide. The cops want him too—for murder…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.25