The Council of Shadows

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The Council of Shadows

A Novel of the Shadowspawn

I have mixed feelings about the book.

I liked the writing, Mr. Stirling's twist on the vampire and shifter legends, and the conflicts - both personal and "bigger picture". What could possibly be wrong with that combination?

Nothing really and it is because of that that I would be certain to pick up Mr. Stirling's other work and read more because there was something about this book that didn't entirely appeal to me. I think it was more of a general feeling than anything specific and other readers of this particular genre type might find it more appealing.

Book Blurb for The Council of Shadows

New from the New York Times bestselling author of A Taint in the Blood.

Adrian Brézé defied his own dark heritage as a near-purebred Shadowspawn for years, until his power-hungry sister Adrienne kidnapped his human lover Ellen.

Now, Adrienne is dead, and the Council of Shadows is gathering its strength. To stop the Council from launching an apocalypse, Adrian and Ellen must ally with the Brotherhood, a resistance group dedicated to breaking the Council's hold on any means necessary.

In the coming confrontation, Adrian must fight not only the members of the Council but also his own nature-and, as he will come to suspect, traitors within the Brotherhood itself...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75