The Cake

Elemental Superpowers Series, #1

The Cake was a fun read for several of different reasons.....outside of developing a yen for cupcakes.

The most enjoyable aspects of this first installment of the Elemental Superpowers series are: the humor, the characters, Dain's coming into his powers, and how things worked out.

I look forward to many more collaborations from two wonderful authors.

Book Blurb for The Cake

Baking the best cupcakes in San Francisco is Daine’s true calling…who knew that the tastiest cakes could lead to a talent for danger?

Phillip Sedgwick is a lawyer who works for an unusual law firm: Arden, Bainbridge, Chinook and Damek is the supernatural world’s most prestigious company, protecting, and often prosecuting, members of the supernatural world for various crimes and infractions. His latest case involves the owner of Fabulous Cupcakes, Daine Paradis, who has been accused of abuse of his superpowers.

Daine is proud that he’s been able to keep his father’s bakery going and has made it a huge success. Weird things start happening, and hard work no longer seems enough to stay in business. When he meets Phillip the sparks fly, but will the two men be able to solve the case before everything goes up in flames?

Reader Advisory: This book contains mouth-watering descriptions of cupcakes and hot references to other foods. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50