The Ancient Stone

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The Ancient Stone

The Ancient Stone is what happens when someone who has always felt like an outsider gets a hold of an ancient artifact which will allow him to gain control of someone who he has grown quite attached to. There is just one problem with this - the person he would like to control is already attached. Nor does everything go according to his plan once he sets it in motion.

I enjoyed reading The Ancient Stone and think that it has a nice balance between Mel's obsession with Brennus and wanting to control him, Darien's and Brennus's relationship, and how Darien and his friends look into freeing Mel's hold on Brennus. The story could, in some writers' hands, turn into a farcical read. Mr. Manly, however, weaves the story in such a way that the reader (at least this one) comes away with a darkly woven tale, that is neither farce, nor goes too far the other way either.

The Ancient Stone was also my introduction into the world of Brennus and Darien, and it is the fourth story in the series. It has captured my attention in such a way that I will be looking into the other stories.

Book Blurb for The Ancient Stone

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Vampire, M/M
Pages: 108
Flame Rating: 5 Flames
Brennus' Witch 4 - Mel has always been an outcast but no more. With the ancient stone, he will now control Brennus Monroe.
Darien is thrilled with the house Brennus wants to buy for them, and he's thrilled to be close to his sister again and The Grinning Moon. Brennus is even considering going back to the university to teach. He doesn't know that someone has been watching and waiting, an unlikely villain who longs to be close to Brennus. And he will do anything, including summoning a demon who can give him an ancient ancient stone that can control the undead, that can control Brennus.
When a bumbling outcast has possession of an ancient stone that can cause Brennus to almost destroy him, Darien knows he's in trouble. With the help of Marcel, Anita, Zendle and Anna, they will have to do everything they can to liberate the world's most powerful immortal before it's too late.
Don't miss the latest installment in the adventures of Brennus, and his beloved witch.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50