Texas Winter

Texas Series Book 2

I found myself really enjoying Texas Winter - from the characters to the plot to how they intertwined to bring together a well-rounded read.

The story showcases Jack's steadiness, Riley's lack of confidence (in some ways), the stress of the situation for both of them and how their families rally around the men and Riley's daughter Hayley - all from the Double D, which is both the home and sanctuary for the families.

The writing flows in such a way that, if there are any bumps they are not noticed and the characters do not come across as singular aspects in that, while Jack is steady, he is also temperamental and caring. Riley may come across as lacking in confidence, but he draws strength from Jack and has a temper of his own.

Wonderful read.

Book Blurb for Texas Winter

Riley’s past comes back to haunt him both professionally and personally.

His dead brother left more than just bitter memories for Riley to deal with. The FBI get involved and suddenly it is more than his good name that is on the line. Jack is always there for him but how much more can Riley’s husband reasonably be able to understand?

Especially when Riley finds out on his delayed honeymoon that he has an eight year old daughter he never knew existed...

NB: Originally published with Silver Publishing. This edition includes new cover art and editing changes

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50