Taken by the Prince

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Taken by the Prince

Victoria Cardiff is a very proper governess who has come to Moricadia with the Johnsons, who have employed her services.

While there, she comes across Raul "Saber" Lawrence, a man who she had met once at a friend's birthday party and who is not all what he appears to Moricadian society. Only Victoria knows his origins and Raul kidnaps her in order to keep her quiet.

How things will end when a proper governess clashes with a prince who can be as stubborn as she can, only time will tell.

As with all of the other Christina Dodd books I have read - historical, contemporary and paranormal - I enjoyed reading Taken by the Prince.

Ms. Dodd has a flair for drawing the reader into the story, setting, and characters that she puts forth to paper. This flair comes through in Taken: the reader (or at least this reader) feels like a minor character watching the interplay between the other characters, whether it is between Raul and Viscount Grimsborough (his father), Victoria and Raul, Raul and Danel, or Victoria and the other residents of the castle she is taken to.

Taken by the Prince is a nice read for anyone who likes historical romance and certainly a good addition to anyone who has Ms. Dodd's other books on their shelves.

Book Blurb for Taken by the Prince

Only Victoria knows that Saber Lawrence is a renegade prince plotting to seize control of his country. But when Saber kidnaps Victoria to ensure her silence and vanquish her reserve, he finds that the proper English governess is not so easily seduced, unless Saber's willing to surrender something of his own-his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00