The Roselynde Chronicles Book Six

As with the other books I have read by Roberta Gellis, Sybelle is first rate. Great characters, wonderful insight into the time period, and time well spent reading. What I came away with reading Sybelle is that everything is presented in such a way as to keep the reader reading and want more.

Sybelle - like all of the women of Roselynde - is a strong woman. She knows her own mind, is not afraid to speak up on matters that - at the time - would not be considered ladylike to know, and was brought up in such a way as to not accept less than what she is. At the same time there is a certain, not naivete exactly, but inexperience regarding some matters that make her well-rounded.

Walter is used to keeping his own council, fighting, and is loyal with a keen sense of honor. He knows what he wants to accomplish and may have found a way to do so - but didn't exactly count on Sybelle.

I really enjoyed reading their interactions, and the thoughts behind their actions, as well as the intrigue, "plotting", and re-visit to Roselynde.

Book Blurb for Sybelle

A Blush Mainstream Romance

Sybelle, youngest heiress to the magnificent Roselynde dynasty, continues the story of power and wealth in a land torn by the threat of Civil War. The time has come for the tempestuous amber-eyed heroine to select a husband. But, an independent and powerful woman, she will not relinquish her pride, influence, and unusually extensive dowry to the will of just any suitor…until she meets Walter de Clare, the rugged, handsome knight who dares to rebel against King Henry III.

Neither the devastation of battle nor nasty court tangles are able to destroy two free spirits whose love is so fiercely determined to survive.

Publisher’s Note: Originally published elsewhere. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00