Swords Of The Horseclans

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Swords Of The Horseclans

Book 2 of the Horseclans series

Having read Swords of the Horseclans as part of a Tales of the Horseclans omnibus back in high school (and they were a re-issue then), I was glad to see that re-reading it lived up to the memory of it. In the preface to this particular tale, Robert Adams called the Tales "escapist literature" and Swords certainly is that - it is an enjoyable read that lets the reader escape into a different world with larger than life characters. I am glad to see the Tales being re-issued because they are a romp and Swords is a good example of that.

The Undying High Lord Milo Morai is building a Confederation, made up of nomadic tribes and city-states both peacefully and with war. That Confederation is threatened now by enemies that have banded together and that are led by a force from Milo's own past, though different from him. He is not going to let them win without a fight and he calls upon allies both old and new in order to do so. Time will tell who will win.

Book Blurb for Swords Of The Horseclans

The blood-soaked blade of war.

For seven hundred years, the Undying High Lord Milo has been building his Confederation, leading the Horseclans slowly across the lands once known as the United States, absorbing city-states and nomadic tribes alike, some by peaceful means, some by the sword.

But now his enemies have banded together into an army far larger than Milo can muster. Led by an ancient and evil intelligence, this wave of unstoppable destruction is thundering swiftly down upon the Confederation forces.

And Milo has no choice but to call upon all his allies, from the smallest troop of mountain warriors to the notorious pirate ships of the Lord of the Sea Isles, in a final desperate attempt to save the Confederation from seemingly certain doom... (159 pages)

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50