Suicide Point

Suicide Point is a a rock-solid read about two people who first meet when both are doing reasonably well, then meet again when Ness is part of an emergency response team at a car wreck and the only way to save Charlie's life is to take his arm. It is a story about trust, learning to find your way back from a dark place and finding a new way of doing things after losing a limb. It is also a story about trust: trusting your feelings when, in the past, those feelings didn't see a tragedy coming, trusting someone to know their limits, and trusting that things will work out. There are highs, there are lows, and there are characters who find their way out. Look forward to reading more of Georgie Leigh's works.

Charlie winds up in a car wreck during which he loses his arm. One of his rescuers has met him before and, during a low point in Charlie's life, Ness helps him get back on his feet - even though Charlie's foster brother is a little possessive of his time. As Charlie gets back into the swing of things, and his foster brother seems to become worse, what will happen to Charlie and Ness?

Book Blurb for Suicide Point

Everybody knows jumping into unknown waters is suicide. But sometimes it's the only way off the ledge. When Sydney cop Ness meets vivacious surfer boy Charlie, his resolve to never fall in love again shatters. Charlie's carefree life of sun, sand, surf, and sexy men is disrupted when the only way Ness and the emergency response team can save him from a car wreck is to remove his right arm.

Charlie needs support and companionship, but as he and Ness take a leap of faith into love, their doubts and fears are compounded by the possessiveness of Charlie's troubled foster brother. Amid physical and emotional chaos, Ness and Charlie fight for the only thing that can save them: each other. 334 pp.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00