Secrets of the Lost Summer

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Secrets of the Lost Summer

A change of pace and location for Olivia Frost leads her to send a note to an absentee neighbor to fix up his lot - which borders hers and would interfere with possible guests coming to the home she is transforming to a possible getaway. The fateful note propels both Dylan McCaffrey (the absentee owner) and Olivia on a quest that leads to unexpected secrets, revelations and new beginnings for both of them.

For me, Secrets of the Lost Summer was a lovely read about not necessarily about the characters finding themselves as much as re-connecting with who they are. It is a "quest" story in that Dylan wants to find out why his father would have bought that particular piece of land and Olivia aids him on that journey.

It is a story of imperfect people doing the best they can, finding perfection in imperfection (if that makes sense) and simply being oneself. It is reconnecting with what you really want and not necessarily what you may have thought you wanted. Secrets of the Lost Summer is also a story of love and change.

Great read!

Book Blurb for Secrets of the Lost Summer

A wave of hope carries Olivia Frost back to her small New England hometown nestled in the beautiful Swift River Valley. She's transforming a historic home into an idyllic getaway. Picturesque and perfect, if only the absentee owner will fix up the eyesore next door..

Dylan McCaffrey's ramshackle house is an inheritance he never counted on. It also holds the key to a generations-old lost treasure he can't resist.any more than he can resist his new neighbor. Against this breathtaking landscape, Dylan and Olivia pursue long-buried secrets and discover a mystery wrapped in a love story.past and present.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50