Seb's Surrender

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Seb's Surrender

Book two in the Bodyguards in Love Series

Jared Grant was physically and mentally abused by the same man who abused Brier, who came and rescued him. Jared is slowly trying to make a life for himself with the help of Three Partners Protection when he is once more threatened by his former abusers.

Sebastian James was once abused himself, so he can understand what Jared is going through. Seb starts out keeping an eye out for Jared, but the more he is around the younger man, the more he finds himself getting involved.

Then Jared is taken and Seb - along with his friends and co-workers - looks for him. The only questions that remain are: Will Jared still be alive when they find him? If he is, what kind of shape will he be in?

Seb's Surrender is, at least for this reviewer, a story about strength: Hidden strengths people may not know they have, strength to overcome pasts that don't smell of roses, and the strength that comes from love. It is also a story of fears and how they change as circumstances change and how even a mouse can roar under the right conditions. Look forward to the next installment in the series.

Book Blurb for Seb's Surrender

Contemporary/ Gay

After a lifetime of abuse, Jared Grant was rescued by Brier Blackstone and taken to one of the safest places he knew, the bodyguard dormitory of the Three Partners Protection Agency. For the first time, Jared is surrounded by men whose job it is to protect, not hurt him. 
One of his protectors, Sebastian James, knows a little something about abuse. Once a victim of abuse before he and his brother were taken from an abusive household and put into separate foster homes, Seb learned to harden his heart as a way of survival. Now, the soft spoken and scared Jared threatens the shell Seb spent years fortifying. 
When Jared’s tormentor threatens him from jail, it’s up to Seb and the rest of the bodyguards to keep Jared safe until he can testify at his abuser’s trial. However, the close contact might be more than Seb’s hard shell can withstand.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.50