Scorpion Betrayal

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Scorpion Betrayal

I wasn't sure what to expect of Scorpion Betrayal. I have heard of the author and his books and they have sounded interesting, but I had not picked up his books prior to this one. Between the pace the book sets, the characters, the plot and the author's background, I really enjoyed the book.

I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I plan on picking up the previously published books and look forward to reading those and any that are published in the future.

Terror, a game of cat and mouse, and an opening move that catches a lot of people in the intelligence community off guard.

Scorpion is a former CIA operative who is sent on a chase to hunt down a faceless, nameless man who is simply referred to as "the Palestinian". The chase starts in the Middle East and continues on to different cities in Europe in order to foil a plan that reaches even into the US.

But does Scorpion have all of the information he needs? Will a beauty blind him to the truth? How will things work out in the end?

Book Blurb for Scorpion Betrayal

The head of Egypt's State Internal Security is brutally murdered in a Cairo cafÉ—his assailant a faceless killer known only as "the Palestinian." It is the opening move in a chilling game of terror that has caught the international intelligence community completely off-guard, and the CIA turns to the one man they believe can get to the twisted roots of a looming nightmare shrouded in mystery: a former Company operative code-named Scorpion.

The breakneck hunt for a mastermind is leading Scorpion from the Middle East to the dangerous underworld of the capitals of Europe. With the fate of the free world in the hands of two well- matched adversaries there is no margin for error. But a shocking truth has been kept from the determined manhunter . . . and beauty will blind him to the ultimate betrayal.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00