Saving Noah

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Saving Noah

When Dexter Krispin left Pittsburgh and moved, temporarily to Schicksal, Kansas to finish his doctoral thesis, he didn't think he would meet someone as interesting as Noah Stoffel. Noah has lived in Schicksal his whole life, likes living there and has managed to keep his sexual preferences a secret…at least he did until Dexter came to town.

As Dexter and Noah come to know each other and grow closer, Dexter feels that he has found the one man he would love to spend the rest of his days with. So does Noah, for that matter, except that he has a great need for privacy that Dex doesn't like. There is also a lie that the town has helped Noah live that could either bring an end to their relationship or help Noah heal and build that relationship on a stronger foundation.

Saving Noah is a wonderful and sad story of love, loyalty, friendship, and how all of those things can get tangled up due to expectations, how others see us, how all of our actions affect those around us and how love can help heal - or at least put us on the path to it - how we deal with things. This is a book on my recommended reading list.

Book Blurb for Saving Noah

CATEGORY: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, M/M, GLB
ELEMENTS: Strong sexual content, graphic language, male/male intercourse and anal play.
LENGTH: Category
Dexter Krispin arrived in the small Kansas town of Schicksal with one thing on his mind: finishing his doctorial thesis. He hoped getting away from his hectic life in Pittsburgh would allow him to concentrate on the long overdue paper and to forget about his last lover.
Life-long Schicksal resident, Noah Stoffel, has managed to keep his sexuality a secret. Yet, after one look at the dark-haired newcomer, he knows his life in the sleepy town will never be the same.
But more than Noah's desire for privacy stands between him and Dexter. For years, the residents of Schicksal have been hiding a horrific secret, one that takes Dexter mere days to uncover and expose...a secret that could destroy-or heal-them all.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50