Revenge Of The Horseclans

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Revenge Of The Horseclans

Horseclans, #3

Revenge of the Horseclans is part of the Tales of the Horseclans series and is set approximately 100 years after Swords of the Horseclans. As with Swords, Revenge is a good read and a very good way to pass some time. It was nice re-visiting the story, having read it as a re-issue in high school, and Bili is a well-written character that holds everything together. I don't think that this book was meant to be anything but a good way to pass the time - no "message", no soapbox, just a good read and Robert Adams did that quite well.


Bili Morguhn is back home after spending years spent in the Middle Kingdoms and he brings a warrior's viewpoint to a kingdom that has known years of peace. It is that warrior's upbringing that will keep him - and his family, allies, and friends - in good stead as seeds of rebellion are sown in his family lands. New allies and a mysterious bard might, just might, help win the war that is coming.

Book Blurb for Revenge Of The Horseclans

The rebel army is marching to war, bent on destroying Thoheeks Bili, his kinsmen, and the power of Morguhn...

Call to Arms

Bili of Morguhn has been summoned home to claim his inheritance after years of soldiering in the Middle Kingdoms. But the Ehleen nobility and the priests of the Old Religion are planting the seeds of rebellion, swearing to wrest back from Bili and his fellow Horseclansmen the lands and wealth which once were theirs. And the stench of war rises once again over the land...

But what Bili does not know is that both his troops and those of his enemy are pawns in a larger game, a deadly game of bloody intrigue; and the stakes are as big as the survival of the Confederation--and the Horseclans themselves...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50