Regby Dornik

The Chilling Warning

Generally speaking, Regby Dornik: The Chilling Warning was a good and enjoyable read. However, the "point" of the book does not seem to become clear until about halfway through and the title character does not make an appearance until about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way in. While, the way the book was written, this was understandable, the majority of the book seems to be a setup for the last third or so. The characters are nice and likable, but come across as being a little flat and getting along with each other a little too well. One issue that presented itself that other readers may or may not have is the layout. For the most part it isn't a problem, but there were a couple "inserts" that read almost like footnotes to the main storyline. What Mr. Tuxford was trying to do with the information is appreciable, but while the information was somewhat related to the background, it could have been left out or left to the reader to check out on his or her own if they chose to do so.

Petrey Jonesy is a geologist who works in the oil industry. One day, while doing a survey for his company in Africa, he decides to take a look at the mine where he lost an uncle many years before. At the time, he is unable - through a lack of manpower and equipment - to do a proper search of the mine. This sets him on an interesting course that, with people he comes into contact with (both through work and from his university days), leads him to a discovery of an alien race and receiving a warning that sets him on a new course.

Book Blurb for Regby Dornik

December 2089

In what I imagined were my last moments I thought of Lisa and our baby and that I would never hold her in my arms again or ever see the child that we had made. Childhood memories flashed through my tormented mind: Mum and Dad; and my days at school - oh, why hadn’t I worked harder at school; I was broken, screaming in terror and demented. Everything went black.

I vaguely recall being half lifted and dragged and more terrifying thoughts pierced my already addled brain. Where were they taking me, where were my friends, was I about to enter a hell where pain would rack my body for eternity?

It took several minutes for my eyes to focus and I was still shaking convulsively, almost resigned to whatever was going to happen to me.

“Who are you?” I gasped in awe and fright. “Who are you?”

Perhaps it is now time to go back to the beginning of this story and explain the full details of who I am and why I am here……………

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.00